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Home Remedies for Bunion Pain

Bunions not only make it a pain to put on shoes every morning, but also are cause for excruciating discomfort throughout the day. Those with this foot condition may have given up hope that there’s anything to help this unsightly problem. Though surgery is required for a permanent bunion solution, there are things you can do at home to alleviate some of the tenderness.

Exercising Your Toes

Daily exercising for the purpose of flexibility can work wonders for chronic foot pain due to bunions. Towel curls along with toe stretching and resistance exercise can ease the aches from the countless hours of pressure your feet are subjected to every day. Point your toes straight for five seconds and alternate curling them for another five seconds.

Deep Tissue Massage

Tension in your bunions is what causes the discomfort and pain you’re all too familiar with. Perform a fingertip massage to the area around the bunion in a circular motion to relieve the tension. Follow this with an ice pack and you will most likely notice a significant improvement in soreness.

Walk this Way

Choosing the right shoe and engaging in certain activities can temporarily take care of bunion pain without you ever having to (sorely) step foot in a doctor’s office. It is important to avoid high heels and other tight-fitting shoes, as this will only constrict and further inflict pain to your tender feet. Supportive shoes and sole inserts are also great ways to relieve bunion pain.

Additionally, barefoot yoga utilizes certain poses to help strengthen foot muscles that can have a noticeable effect on your day to day comfort. If all else fails, take a relaxing walk on the beach. Aside from enjoying the salty ocean breeze, walking in sand helps exercise the feet in winter camping guide.

If you wish to seek out treatment beyond that of home remedies, call (310) 247-9255 for the bunion surgery options available to you.

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