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4 Things You Need to Know About Bunions

While bunions aren’t something many people think about, it is a common and painful foot condition that comes with extremely and increasingly uncomfortable symptoms. Bunions are comprised of a bony bump that intrudes on the joint near your big toe. This usually happens because your big toe is being pushed into your next toe repeatedly. These are the facts you may not have known about bunions.

Women are More Affected Than Men

Keep in mind this does not mean that bunions only affect women, but women tend to see these painful foot developments more than men. An uneven distribution of weight throughout the foot can cause instability and deformities.

Heels are Not the Sole Culprits

Though high heels are often narrow and tight-fitting, they are not the only cause of bunions. These constricting shoes do contribute to worsening bunion symptoms but are often times not the true source of the problem. The most common causes of bunion-related issues are:

  • Foot injuries
  • Incorrect walking patterns
  • Genetics
  • Stress

Bunions Will Not Get Better on Their Own

Bunions affect both the inner foot near the base of the big toe and the outside of the foot at the base of your pinky toe. Letting bunions go without treatment is a guaranteed way to make them worse. The longer you wait to receive treatment the larger and more painful your bunions will become. More and more shoes will be impossible to wear and eventually surgery will be needed for correction.

After Surgery, Bunions Will Not Return

Finally, some good news for bunion patients! Though there are several treatments for bunions, surgery remains the most effective means of treating cases of severe bunions. There are multiple surgical options for bunions , but make sure you choose a board certified – premier foot surgeon or podiatrist to perform your bunion surgery.

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