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Recovering from Bunion Surgery

Suffering from unsightly bunions can be painful enough as it is, but recovering from corrective surgery does not have to be. Once you have undergone bunion surgery, the road to rehabilitation can be simplified with a few simple tips. Read on to facilitate your recovery from bunion surgery and help prepare yourself to implement these tips to make recovering from bunion surgery a breeze!

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Be Patient

For those dealing with the pain of bunions, bunion surgery may be the only option, but it is important to take the necessary steps, once surgery has been completed, to help your feet fully recuperate. While most procedures only take about 30-60 minutes to complete, time in the recovery room may take an hour or more. Pain blockers may be implemented by an anesthesiologist behind your knee in order to help with pain control once you are ready to leave the hospital. This shot will alleviate pain, with effects lasting anywhere from 12-24 hours’ time. Once this wears off, you may find that your foot is still quite numb in some areas.

Once you begin to feel any kind of sensations in your foot, you need to begin taking the prescribed pain medication. If bedtime comes and you still have no sensation, you still need to take the medication to avoid waking in the middle of the night and experiencing unwelcome pain once the pain block wears off.

Be Gentle with Yourself

In the first few days, you should not be moving much and may need assistance when doing so. It is a great idea to plan to have help around for the first 2 days after surgery to keep weight off your foot and allow it the healing time it needs. If you must, only put weight on your heel and not on your forefoot. You may want to move around with the help of crutches to facilitate your movement and keep weight off your recovering foot. Bleeding may occur and is fairly common so keep gauze available to wrap your foot and soak up any blood that appears.

For the first 2 weeks, you will need to keep your foot dry when showering or bathing. Once that time has passed, you may remove the bandage and bunion splint while showering. Bandages and sutures are removed after 2 weeks have passed and replaced with a soft bunion splint. This must be worn 23 hours a day to ensure proper healing.

Keep Your Foot Elevated

Keeping your foot elevated within the first 2 weeks is essential and may even help to stem any bleeding that occurs. If possible, elevate your foot whenever you can for up to 6 months following surgery. This is a simple way to reduce swelling and any discomfort you may feel while your foot recovers.

Allow Yourself Time to Heal and Check-in Frequently with Your Surgeon

It is important in the weeks after surgery that you follow up with your surgeon frequently. Keep off your foot, keep it elevated and dry, and keep an eye out for any signs of infection. Make sure you are diligent about showing up for your 2 week check up with your surgeon so that they may assess any risk of infection and ensure the bone is healing properly. After 6 weeks following surgery, x-rays will be taken and if everything goes well, physical therapy can begin.

You will not be able to walk normally for at least 8 weeks following bunion surgery and ample time should be allowed for healing. It is very important to be patient and allow yourself time for recovery. Swelling, discomfort, and numbness are all common effects following surgery. If needed, you may request a handicapped parking permit to ease getting around.

Once all the bandages are finally removed, consider getting a pedicure as it can help with improving circulation and any numbness issues that occur. Lastly, remember to be patient; true healing takes time! Suffering from the pain and unpleasant side effects of bunions? Contact the experts at Bunion Surgery LA today to schedule your consultation.

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