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Unique Foot Exercises for Bunions

Some people who have bunions can experience varying pain associated with them. Fortunately, there are some foot exercises for bunions and beneficial movements that may help to alleviate foot pain associated with having bunions.

If the tissue at the base of your big toe becomes swollen, a large bump may form on the side of your foot. Bunions can be the cause of intense foot pain and after some time, lead to arthritis. Some bunions can be managed without having to undergo surgery for the most part.

Doing foot exercises will not cause the bunion to disappear completely but doing certain exercises can help to relieve pain and increase flexibility.

The Benefits of Foot Exercises for Bunions

The progression of a bunion can be slowed by doing physical therapy exercises which means that surgery is not the only option. It is best to start out with doing exercises and seeing what the outcome is before opting for surgery.

Doing foot exercises and toe stretches can help to keep the joint between your big toe and the rest of your foot mobile. This will help to maintain flexibility and strengthen the muscles that you use to move your big toe.

Exercises That May Benefit those with Bunions

Toe stretches – Your toes will remain limber and it will offset foot pain if you stretch your toes.  Point your toes straight for 5 seconds and then for an additional 5 seconds, curl them under.  Repeat these stretches 10 times.  If you have hammertoes or chronically bent toes, this will also help with those conditions.

Toe flexing and contracting – You can press your toes against a hard surface to flex and stretch them.  Try holding them against a wall for 10 seconds.  Repeat this three to four times, then flex your toes in the opposite direction holding that for 10 seconds and repeating three or four times.

Stretching your big toe – Pull your big toe into proper alignment using your fingers.  Hold your toe in the proper position for 10 seconds and repeat the process three or four times.

Resistance exercises – You can do resistance exercises for your big toe by wrapping a towel or belt around your toe and using it to pull your big toe toward you while you simultaneously push forward against the towel or band with your toe.

Ball roll – You can massage the bottom of your foot to help alleviate any pain.  Sit on a chair and put a golf ball under your foot.  Roll the ball around under your foot for a couple of minutes.  This can help to alleviate any foot strain and cramping.

Towel curls – Your toes can be strengthened by spreading a small towel on the floor and curling your toes around it while you pull the towel forward.  Repeat this five times.  Your foot will remain more flexible if you are able to grip objects with your toes.

Picking up marbles – If you can find small objects such as marbles to practice picking up with your toes, this is another great exercise for gripping.  Place 20 marbles on the floor and use your foot to pick the marbles up one at a time and put them in a bowl.

Walk barefoot – Walking barefoot on sand will help by giving you a foot massage as well as with strengthening your toes.  This is great for people who have bunions and those who have arthritis associated with bunions.

To discuss exercises that may be best for you, contact the professionals at Bunion Surgery in Los Angeles.  Dr. Jamshidinia is an expert in foot and ankle procedures and can come up with the best plan for your individual needs.  If exercises are not enough to keep the pain at bay, he offers surgical treatment for bunions and has performed over 10, 000 procedures.

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