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P K in Los Angeles, CA | Apr 12, 2016

Dr. Jamshidinia takes a great deal of time explaining my problems and my xray results to me. He uses skeleton models in his office to make his points and he makes sure you clearly understand the reason for the foot symptoms. He loves what he does and his passion for his work is palpable. Above all, he is the best I have seen in making insoles. I am now walking farther and longer than ever and my feet don’t hurt like they used to. I am so lucky that I found Dr. Jamshidinia.

Denise T. Los Angeles, CA
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5 stars 2/14/2017

The severe sprain to my left foot was not getting better after 4 days of visiting Kaiser Urgent Care. I left a message for my primary care physician at Kaiser to call me back… still waiting for a return call… read more…

Monica Vasquez
Bianca P

Everyone at the office is very friendly and helpful! I didn’t feel rushed or pressured to buy additional services. They are up to date with the latest technology which is a plus!! Thanks again

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I have been going to Dr. Jam for several years and have to say that he is an amazing doctor. I always receive the best service by him and his great staff. I have recommended many of my family members and friends to his practice as well. The bottom line is that if you are looking for a podiatrist, Dr.Jamshidinia is the BEST!

David C. Los Angeles, CA
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5 stars 10/7/2015

This office is immaculate! Staff is professional, and extremely friendly. I have been to both Dr. Jamshidinia and Dr. Alfandari – they are each exceptional. I care a great deal about my foot health, as the whole body can be impacted by poor feet. So, I value my feet a great deal… read more…

Monica Vasquez
Roberta S

The doctor was just excellent. I feel as if he really addressed my issues. His work was almost completely painless. I would recommend him most highly.

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Dr jam is amazing. My pain was almost non existent after surgery. His assistant was very helpful and kind. Arrogant. No way. Very knowledgeable, YES. I would rather wait two hours, then be swept in and out of the office in a half hour.

Cleo A. Los Angeles, CA
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5 stars 3/21/2016

I was very pleased coming into this office. Had pain on both my feet, came in for a consultation and was seen by Dr. Jam. He is a very wonderful Doctor very kind and pleasant. He examined me and quickly knew what was going on. read more…

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Dr. Jamshidinia is awesome. After I described my weird foot pain, Dr. Jamshidinia pieced together the symptoms to diagnose me like a detective. And he was right on the money! I’ve never been to a doctor of any kind that I have had this much confidence in. If you go to him, you WILL get the best feedback and your problem will be solved!

Emily K. Los Angeles, CA
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5 stars 10/7/2015

Dr. Jamshindia was recommended to me by my general practitioner, and I couldn’t be happier with the recommendation! You will basically get schooled on anatomy, and that’s not a bad thing – I had my foot issues thoroughly explained to me, plus he answered any questions I had and there was a clear course to recovery. If you have problems, this is the doc to see! read more…

Monica Vasquez

Very caring and welcoming staff. Dr. Jam is very caring and sincere – easy to talk to and he takes him time…I always wonder if he has any other patients. lol – because he makes me feel like I’m the only patient…Thanks.

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Having read another rating, I must admit I go to the Century City office and rarely wait more than a few minutes. Also, Mrs. Jam is not a Doctor, but very nice, certainly I would never say she is a “nitwit”. She handled all front office dealins with me with professionalism! She is no longer at the office, to my regret. Dr. Jam is a wonderful, knowledgeable, professional man. I am truly blessed to have him as my doctor.

R R. Los Angeles, CA
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5 stars 9/24/2016

This place is great!!
I found them on groupon, and purchased a package for laser treatment on my infected nails.
My nails had been very bad for many years, so I knew that it was a really a long shot to think that just one laser treatment would fix it. The price was so reasonable that I figured I’d try anyway. read more…

Monica Vasquez
David E

The staff were very, very helpful and accommodating. Also, the doctor made time for me even though I had no scheduled appointment. Very rare indeed.

Sam L. Los Angeles, CA
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5 stars 3/11/2016

DO NOT GO TO ANYONE ELSE FOR YOUR FEET. Seriously. Dr. Jamshidinia is the real fucking deal … read more…

Monica Vasquez
Jonathan T

Seamless, professional, friendly and fast are some of the stand out adjectives that describe Dr. Alfandari and his staff. No negatives whatsoever. I will return to Tower F & A and recommend them highly to anyone with foot problems.

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