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Dr. Jamshidinia
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  • American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery, Diplomate
  • American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, Fellow
  • Hundreds of Before / After Pictures
Dr. Jamshidinia is a renowned podiatric Bunion surgeon serving the greater Los Angeles area. Located in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles, Dr. Jamshidinia is dedicated to offering the highest level of care in a safe and controlled environment.
He is focused on providing minimally invasive bunion treatments and strives to offer surgical and non-surgical bunion removal options as they fit for each patient. Dr Jamshidinia is a board certified Foot Surgeon, certified by the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons.
Having been published in peer reviewed journals & successfully performed over 10K procedures.
Dr Jam has become one of the most sought after Bunion Surgeons in the world.
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Dr. Jamshidinia is a leading expert in foot and ankle procedures with over 13 years of bunion surgery and other foot and ankle surgery experience and years of training. He specializes in successfully treating bunions and relieving patients of the accompanying debilitating pain. Most patients respond very well to the less invasive bunion treatment options offered to them by Dr. Jamshidinia. In the cases where surgical removal, or tailor’s bunionectomy is needed, you can rest assured your feet are in the highly skilled, one of the top bunion specialist and certified hands of Dr. Jamshidinia at Tower Foot and Ankle.
Severe bunions (hallux valgus deformity) are extremely painful, unsightly, and cannot go unnoticed. Our goal is to provide pain relief as well as aesthetic realignment to correct severe bunion deformities.
Moderate bunions are due to constant stress to the joint and can cause debilitating pain. These bunions can be easily treated with a painless surgery.
Tailor’s bunion, commonly referred to as a bunionette, can be seen as a bony prominence at the base of the little toe. These types of bunions can cause mild to severe pain in and around the area.

One Surgeon. Endless Possibilities.

Board Certified by the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery, Fellow of the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons, Dr Jam is one of the most sought after Bunion Surgeons in the world. He specializes in outpatient hidden incision bunion surgery. Patients have traveled from all over the globe to receive treatment from him.
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One Surgeon. Endless Possibilities. Walk immediately Same Day of Surgery in Walking Boot
One Surgeon. Endless Possibilities.Minimal to No Post Operative Pain requiring only Advil in 98% of Surgical Cases
One Surgeon. Endless Possibilities.No General Anesthesia Required (Local Anesthetic with IV Sedation)
One Surgeon. Endless Possibilities.Requires No Hospitalization or Costly Overnight Stay
One Surgeon. Endless Possibilities.Successful Outcomes with 99+% Outcome Satisfaction Scores
One Surgeon. Endless Possibilities.IN NETWORK with Most PPO INSURANCES
“Dr. Jamshidinia is GIFTED. Combine that with CARING & PASSIONATE and you get a doctor that will take care of you like you are family every time.”
-Babak L.
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