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mid-9.pngDr. Jamshidinia at Tower Foot and Ankle Surgery is a board certified foot surgeon trained in all areas of foot and ankle surgery. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. His expertise is in cosmetic foot surgery, minimally invasive hammertoe repair, cosmetic approach bunion correction, the newest surgical and non-surgical remedies for chronic diabetic foot ulcers, athletic foot and ankle injuries, sports medicine, the latest technology in custom orthotic arch supports, and joint replacement surgery for the arthritic joint.


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A 40 year old female was experiencing chronic bunion pain. She cannot wear high heels and cannot exercise properly because of the painful bunion bump pain.

Six weeks prior, patient had successful surgery for her left foot. Today she underwent a successful correction of right foot bunion with outpatient hidden incision bunion correction. Take a look at the cosmetic result as well as the anatomical congruent great toe joint after repair.


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A 45 year old female with chronic painful bunion and painful hammertoe correction which both contributed to not only cosmetic concerns for this patient but also chronic pain and inflammation. She suffered from severe inability to wear most shoes including high heels, running shoes and sandals. Patient failed to have relief from conservative alternatives to surgery. She underwent hidden incision correction of bunion deformity along with repair of rigid hammertoe deformity to third toe.

Given the stable design of this surgical repair, patient was allowed to walk immediately after the surgery in special post-operative protective footwear.

The surgical repair involved 60 minutes of local anesthetic with mild IV sedation at a state of the art ambulatory surgery center. It required no hospitalization thereby minimizing risks associated with hospital care and hospital born infections.


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  There was a large bump with associated bunion deformity in this 52 yo female with chronic pain and inability to bend big toe joint.

Now, there is correction of bunion deformity as well as restoration of toe alignment.

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  There was an inability to bend the great toe joint due to painful arthritic joint, a sequela of untreated bunion deformity

After corrective bunion surgery, there is free unrestricted range of motion.

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  34 year old Male with painful unsightly Same patient immediately enlarged bunion at base of big toe. After 45 minute procedure under local anesthetic with anesthesiologist supervised sedation.

Pt able to walk and bear weight same day of surgery in post operative walking boot. Returned to mens shoes/tennis shoes pain free in 3 weeks after procedure.

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  36 yr. female with long standing After Cosmetic approach Bunion correction. Pain and inability to wear hi heels. Toe now aligned and joint congruent with Bunion pain at base of big toe. excellent functional and cosmetic outcome. Pt able to bear weight and walk day of surgery in special walking boot. Returned to regular tennis/flat shoes in just 16 days post op.  

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  26 yo male with history of Painful Bunion Deformity to Right foot. Underwent Cosmetic Approach Bunion Correction.  
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  39 yo 6’ 2” 210 pounds male desired surgical correction of severe bunion Deformity. Pt underwent successful Right foot Lapidus Bunion Correction with Arthrex Plate Fixation of Met Cuneiform Joint.  

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  39 year old female with complaint of very wide forefoot with inability to wear shoes comfortably and painful bunion and tailors bunion deformity (notice bunions at the bases of big toe joint as well as pinky toe joint. Pt underwent Cosmetic Approach Bunion correction with successful realignment of both joints to anatomic position.  

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  37 year old female sales executive with complaint of painful bunion deformity to right foot and painful crooked 4th toe with hammertoe deformity and chronic painful irritation wearing fashionable shoes and heels. Pt underwent cosmetic medial approach bunion correction and hammertoe repair. Note function realignment of great toe joint along with straight 4th toe after pin fixation.  

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  47 yo African American male with complaint of painful unsightly bunion deformity, rubbing of great toe on 2nd toe, chronic skin irritation to bunion bump pain and pain in between great toe and 2nd toe. Pt underwent cosmetic functional bunion correction  


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  66 yogenleman with long standing history of great toe joint pain from repeated GOUTY attacks to great toe. Intraoperatively abundant topheous gouty deposits were removed and a Keller Bunionectomy was performed giving patient both painfree result and an aesthetic correction with good great toe alignment and excellent pain free functional result. Return to tennis shoes occurred for this patient at 3 weeks after surgery .  

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  22year old female with complaint of painful unsightly bunion deformity and tailors bunion deformity. Pt with chronic pain in both the outside and inside portion of right foot along with inability to walk painfree or fit into dress shoes and heels without chronic pain. Pt after surgery, note excellent alignment of toe as well as aesthetic correction of both bunions with Plastics Closure and hidden incision line on the side of the foot. Pt returned to tennis shoes at 4 week mark.  

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  39 year old female with chronic foot pain in area of great toejoint of right foot. Pt is a professional dancer and began having chronic pain a base of big toe as well as toe deviation towards the second toe and inability to wear most shoes with comfort. Pt immediately after right foot aesthetic approach bunion correction. Return to regular shoes occurred at 6 week mark for this patient.  

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  bf-img-13.png   af-img-13.png  
  42 yo female actress with left foot painful bunion and painful corn/callus to right foot 5th (pinky toe). Pt unable to wear fashionable shoes and with severe difficulty walking in most shoes without pain. Pt with painful bunion deformity with pain at the large bump and inability to walk for more than a few minutes without developing irritation to bunion and irritation of great toe under riding 2nd toe. Same patient immediately post op. Note cosmetic correction of joint with natural appearance of great toe and no excellent alignment of joint. Picture taken prior to 5th toe repair. Pt returned to regular exercise and weight bearing at 6 week mark, though return to tennis shoes at 4 weeks. Weightbearing in protective boot immediately after surgery on most procedures depicted with exception of Lapidus Procedure.  

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  28 yearold female flight attendant with complaint of forefoot pain and inability to wear shoes with comfort. Complained of chronic pain to big bump on big toe base of right foot. Pt underwent successful Medial approach aesthetic bunion correction of right foot. Not excellent realignment of great toe joint, natural aesthetic result as well as hidden incision technique.  

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  43 Year Old Female Banker with chronic left foot pain and swelling with chronic irritation to bunion area of left foot for many years. Pt with inability to wear shoes comfortably and unable to walk without pain given chronic irritation from bunion deformity. Pt underwent successful bunion correction, note hidden incision as well as excellent functional alignment of joint and aesthetic result.  

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  36 year old female immediately after right foot aesthetic approach bunion correction with excellent alignment &functional result and hidden medial incision. Pt with return to exercise at 6 weeks with return to weight bearing immediately post op and return to regular shoes at 4 weeks post op.  

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  49 year old male with chronic right foot pain at area consistent with large bunion deformity. Pt with complain of pain while wearing dress shoes as well as pain with running. Pain located at medial bump of bunion deformity with painful irritation against shoe gear. Notice excellent aesthetic result as well as great toe joint alignment. .  

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  bf-img-18.png   af-img-18.png  
  34 year old female former volleyball player who sustained left great toe fracture that went untreated for several years. Pt with subsequent pain and chronic inability to wear fashionable shoes and with chronic large bump pain at area consistent with great toe as depicted in picture with large bump. Patient desired surgical correction to achieve both cosmetic result and functional repair of painful stiff great toe.  

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  32 year old college student with painful bunion deformity.
Desires aesthetic approach bunion correction.
Pt with return to tennis shoes at 4 week mark and full return to activity in 6 weeks.

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  bf-img-20.png   af-img-20.png  
  57 year old female with bunions to both big toe joint and pinky toe joint, Bunion deformity and Tailors bunion deformity with inability to wear shoes comfortably as well as pain associated with tennis shoes. Pt before aesthetic approach bunion correction. Pt with return to shoes at 6 weeks post op. .  

  Before   After  
      3 days after excision of tumor. Pt with full return to regular shoes at 3 weeks after procedure.  
  bf-img-21.png   af-img-21.png  
  Final outcome, note not residual evidence of surgery or scar. Complete resection of non malignant tumor with return to weight bearing and sports activity at 4 weeks post surgery  

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  39 year old patient with 3 week onset of pain and inability to walk. Pt with no known injury to right plantar 1st MTPJ though has noted progressive enlargement to this area. Before picture depicts area of enlargement just beneath the marked pen line. Pre Op MRIs indicate subcutaneous tumor of unknown type. Biopsy consistent with Epidermoid Inclusion Cyst. See Same patient Immediately post op. Pt with return to full activity at 4 week mark.  

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  48 yo female with long standing pain swelling and inability to effectively walk pain free or fit into most shoes because of enlarged bunion as well as severe 2nd toe hammertoe deformity.
Pt underwent aesthetic corrective bunionectomy along with correction of severe hammertoe deformity.
Pt had excellent result and returned to regular shoes at 4 week post op mark.

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Functional & Cosmetic Approach Hidden Incision Bunion and Tailors Bunion Correction Left foot Notice the immediate significant narrowing of the forefoot 38 year old patient with significant bunion pain in most shoes, could no longer tolerate high heels, flats, or even athletic shoe gear due to chronic pain and inflammation around the great toe joint.

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Functional & Cosmetic Approach Hidden Incision Bunion and Tailors Bunion Correction Left foot Notice the immediate significant narrowing of the forefoot allowing this active 36 year old female health professional to fit into shoes with comfort. Note the restoration of big toe joint range of motion. Patient presented with significant bunion pain in most shoes, could no longer tolerate high heels, flats, or even athletic shoe gear due to chronic pain and inflammation around the great toe joint.

  Before Surgery Note Severe

Callusing and central unhealthy

Wound with no granular tissue

And no signs of healing potential
  Close up view of chronic non healing Diabetic Neuropathic foot ulcer, which was the result of ill fitting shoes/socks and lack of proper Diabetic Foot Care. Note Severe Callusing, central  

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